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Applying to Pathway to College


bld7 Information Session

Date: Monday, March 4, 2019
Time: 3:30pm
Location: Building 10, Room 102
Quarter: Spring 2019

Students must attend the Information Session.

Parents are also welcome to attend.

Thank you.


 Students must complete each steps accordingly in order to move through the application process.

Step 1
  • Students must attend a Mandatory Information Session.
  • Sign in at the first desk & fill out an Application Form on that day.
  • Schedule an appointment for group discussion & get packet of reading assignments.
Step 2
  • Attend a Group Discussion.
  • Must have assignment complete in order to attend discussion and move forward.
  • Discuss one final reading assignment.
  • No lates or reschedules!


Punctuality is very important!

Information Sessions are mandatory and begins promptly.

Inability to arrive on time to the Information Sessions for any reasons will result in having to attend the next Information Session, if available.

If not, then you need to attend an Information Session for future quarters.

 Inability to arrive on time for any reasons will result in having to restart the application process.