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Youth Re-Engagement and Success Programs


Highline College's Youth Re-Engagement and Success Programs are comprised of Pathway to College, ELL Excel, HS Success, and High School Plus . Our programs support youths ages 16-21 & older as they obtain their high school diploma while earning college credits. Each program supports the academic needs for a distinct group of students but our structure allows students to transition from one program to another as they make academic gains and demonstrate college going behaviors. All of our programs offer case management and wrap-around support services to students that have had contact with the juvenile and adult justice systems, are combatting homelessness and are in need of employment through Highline College's Re-Entry Program. Qualified students are 16-21 & older, behind in credits, out of school or on the verge of dropping out, and committed to obtaining their high school diploma. Students from all districts are encouraged to apply.


Programs being offered:

  • Pathway to College is our longest standing and most successful high school re-engagement program for 16-21 years old. Pct. supports student through an academically rigorous cohort model and a series of support classes that help students master college going behaviors. Successful students can obtain a number of college credits by working on a high school diploma and an AA degree simultaneously.

  • ELL Excel serves both newly arrived immigrant and refugee students as well as students that are currently enrolled in high school, but are struggling to meet state graduation requirements. We provide scaffold instruction, academic support, individualized advising, and help students develop the skills necessary for both high school graduation and college success. Qualified student currently or previously qualified for ELL classes and services.

  • HS Success is a "pre" Pathway program that helps students adjust to the demands of high school completion on the college campus. Students that complete HS Success cohort classes can work on their high school diploma exclusively or transition to Pct. so that they can earn both high school and college credits simultaneously.

  • High School Plus is a program for adult learners 21 years and over who want to earn their high school diploma. The program expands options for students by including opportunities to earn credit for experience and learning from work, life , or military service. Students may attend classes or earn credits through competence testing.